The fundraiser discs have arrived

Few things is as fun as to be able to create something brand new, and that is just what we did with these fundraiser discs. This is a sweet Norwegian inspired stamp by Caleb Mckenney, a moose in sundown on some of the best discs in the game!

Because we have now gotten some sweeet discs from Innova Discs, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs on our site. There are some of the most thrown discs in the game, discs for all levels of players. Destroyer, Explorer, Harp, Roc3 and Judge just to mention a few. The profit of the sales will go towards hosting tournaments, clinics at schools and helping grow the sport.

To make it easier for me and you I have made a web shop where everything is, and there will be more to come. Please for give me that its not completely in English, but most of it has both Norwegian and English explanation on it.

Check out the discs here.